Petros Studios - Holiday Apartments and Rooms
Petros 1
Petros 1 is positioned on a hill rise overlooking the villages of Kythera. The rooms accomodate 2 to 4 people in attractive newly renovated rooms. All are air conditioned and have refrigerators, coffee making facilities and televisions. All rooms have their own toilet and small bathrooms.
The rooms of Petros 1 overlook the clustered villages and olive groves.
There are gardens surrounding Petros 1 and visitors can enjoy the outlook from a small landing at their front door or in a shared undercover sitting area just a few steps from their front door. A small play area for children is available outside and parents can relax.
Petros 1 : walkway through gardensPetros 1Petros 1 : bedroomPetros 1 : PlaygroundPetros 1Petros 1
Petros 2
Petros 2 offers visitors apartments accomodating from 2 to 6 guests. There are rooms in this block with kitchenettes and covered verandas.
The largest of the apartments at Petros Studios accomodates 6 people. This fully contained appartment has full kitchen, dining area and two bathrooms and toilets.
All rooms have air conditioning, microwave ovens, coffee making facilities, refrigerators and televisions. 
Petros 2 : bedroomPetros 2 : bedroom balcony with viewPetros 2 : balcony viewsPetros 2Petros 2Petros 2 : bedroom
Petros 3
Petros 3 are the most recently built rooms and apartments in the Petros Studios complex. The building is comprised of twin buildings ajoined by a common stair way. 
Two top floor apartments are first class with full kitchens, full bathrooms and covered verandas overlooking the villages and olive groves below.
The other rooms in Petros 3 do not have full kitchens but have microwave ovens, refrigerators and coffee making facilities. All of these rooms have covered outdoor areas.
petros 3bedroom
Petros 3sunset from Petros StudiosPetros Studios 3Petros 3Petros 3 : balcony viewsPetros 3
On site parking : Under cover car parkingOn site parking : Under cover car parking
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